Left-Wing Bucks County Political Rag of a newspaper, ….The Bucks County Courier Times…….

A Mr. Steve Cickay is published regularly because he’s on the same ideological pages as the Left-Wing, Liberal, Democrat, Anti-Trump, Obama loving, Hillary-Can-Do-No-Wrong Trump haters. His current target is his attempt to force the American people to pay for the health care needs of people who do not care to pay for it themselves. 

HEALTH CARE IS NOT A RIGHT….. but to the nanny state big liberals and Mr. Cickay you can expect health care paid for by hidden taxes and highly controlled by dummies in government who are only interested in collecting as much as possible while paying as little as they can get away with. The losers are the doctors who get paid less and less for doing more and more and the people forced to pay for the medical bills of other people. Government run, Socialist health care is the darling of Cuba Dictator Castro, Venezuela’s Maduro, and Bolivia which ranks nearly last in health among the Western Hemisphere countries. Only Socialist Haiti scores consistently lower than Socialist Bolivia. Bolivia’s child mortality rate is 69 per 1,000 live births. It’s 5.9 in America.  Bolivia’s Socialist health care system is funded in part by International Organizations such as the World Bank which is funded in large part by America. 

HIV prevalence rates in Bolivia are 15 percent in La Paz and nearly 24 percent in Santa Cruz, according to a 2005 report cited by UNAIDS. HIV is 9.0 percent in sub-Saharan Africa so the HIV  infection rate in Bolivia is more than double the HIV infection rate in the world. 

Mr. Cickay should note that when he writes about the the non-existent Right to Free Health Care that Bolivia shows the low quality that’s provided by government-run Socialized health care.  Health care is a product that must be purchased, not a Right in any sense of the word or principle. .