Sub-titled: Hillary Must Never Be Elected.

27 years ago she was a 24 year old intern inside the White House. She fell in love with her boss, President Bill Clinton and they made love together, -in a fashion but it was discovered. She was persecuted with no mercy by the government and by the Clintons. Her family was threatened. So was she. She was threatened by the FBI. She was threatened with up to 27 years in jail by the FBI; threatened that her mother might face prosecution. They wanted her to “cooperate” and wear a wire. Monica courageously refused. Her friends and her family were subpoenaed to testify against her. Monica said: for several months she could not talk to her brother and several family members to protect them from being dragged into the legal fray.

Monica was forced to testify In a Federal Grand Jury seated in the case of: “The United States vs. Lewinsky” to a room full of strangers about intimate sexual details too intimate to write about here. Unimaginable details which were later made public on line.

The United States vs Lewinsky? For What?? She committed no crime but what President Clinton was not conduct becoming a moral man let alone a President but that’s not the worst thing here. The KGB was sent after her. Oh, wait, it wasn’t the KGB, -it was the American FBI!

What’s going on here? Is this some tin horn third world dictatorship? How does the FBI and The United States Government come after Monica Lewinsky? Somebody should investigate William Jefferson Clinton. Somebody should stand up for Monica Lewinsky instead of condemning her. She didn’t commit a crime. She didn’t do anything wrong nor did she act all by herself. Without Bill Clinton’s anatomy she wouldn’t have done anything at all. the Wall Street Journal agrees and printed this story three days after this one. (Here).

Monica Lewinsky was lured into providing sexual release to a real scumbag, Bill Clinton who along with his wife Hillary ruined her life. Monica has tried against the successful campaign of the Clintons to become a respectable woman. She doesn’t seem to realize how dishonorably she was treated, mistreated really, by the United States Government. At least that’s what her outward appearance is. Perhaps she still feels the hot breath of an out of control Clinton-directed rogue government on the back of her neck that has caused her so much anxiety that she contemplated suicide. This entire episode unfairly condemned and ruined the life of Monica Lewinsky. It’s time to get it right about her and to prosecute the sinister, amoral people who misused the FBI and the government apparatus.

It’s time to condemn the Clintons.


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