Representative Trey Goudy was brilliant when he told Megyn Kelly that Hillary doesn’t get to decide which e-mails on Hillary’s personal, private server belong to the American public. Hillary said: “we reviewed the e-mails” to which Goudy said: “who is this ‘we'”? After all, “We” don’t get to call balls and strikes on ourselves.

GOWDY: “We don’t grade our own papers in life. We don’t call fouls on ourselves in the NBA. We don’t call holding on ourselves in football. She doesn’t get to make that call.”

Hillary had State Department information on her personal private computers, I-phone, I-pad and her servers. According to Judge Andrew Napolitano that’s against the law. The State Department’s business is supposed to remain under the control of the State Department, not under the control of Hillary Clinton where her servers could have been hacked by foreign governments. Hillary broke the law with every state department communication on her home computers and servers.

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