Getting free media coverage at The United Nations Security Council is far easier for Hillary to get than an appointment with a licensed hairdresser in New York city. Hillary will be 68 years old this year. Since the 1960’s Hillary has had hygiene issues with her hair that caused her largely to ignore it. She eschews shampoo, conditioner, hair brushing and hates people to fix her hair.

Why is Hillary’s hair important? Because someone who cannot take care of themselves cannot represent most of the people who can and do. Showing up in public or in private where there are camera’s requires very little thought but it demands a peek in a mirror to be sure one’s appearance is suitable, which in Hillary’s case means her hair.

Everyone’s appearance changes while life goes on but no one has to appear ungroomed, everyone except Hillary who refuses to play by the rules. Oscar de le Renta was appalled by her hair and told her to cut it shorter. He should have told her to use shampoo and a hairbrush.

Hillary won’t control her hair but wants to control millions of voters. She hates people who don’t agree with her. Too bad her hate extends to her own hair. She spends a fortune getting her hair colored but appears in public with what looks like dirty and messy hair.

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