PRESIDENT OBAMA: When the President added his voice to the anti-police feelings in Ferguson and across many neighborhoods in America he should have expected a reaction. Did he tell rioters in Ferguson to shoot at the police? Not in those words but his tone, manner and demeanor acted to silently sanction anger, resentment and reactions against the police. The President should have known the effects of his words to the rioters in Ferguson and that the rioters would take his words as he intended them to be taken and they could be expected to take comfort in their efforts and actions against the police in Ferguson. The President is a lawyer and he fully knows the effects that words from him have to those who listen to him.

ERIC HOLDER. Eric Holder explained his decades long mistrust of the police to The Washington Post on August 10, 2014 thusly: –“Holder shared his own stories of being pulled over and accosted by police while growing up in New York City — and of being skeptical of police even while serving as a federal prosecutor in Washington.

“I understand that mistrust. I am the attorney general of the United States. But I am also a black man,” Holder said during an appearance at Florissant Valley Community College. “I think about my time in Georgetown — a nice neighborhood of Washington — and I am running to a picture movie at about 8 o’clock at night. I am running with my cousin. Police car comes driving up, flashes his lights, yells ‘where you going? Hold it!’ I say, ‘Whoa, I’m going to a movie.’ ”

PRESIDENT OBAMA: according to Rudy Giuliani, “had Al Sharpton to the White House 80 – 85 times. Al Sharpton is a poster boy for hating the police. Watch it HERE.

These men represent an unholy trio. Rush Limbaugh knows it. Here’s Rush yesterday.

RUSH LIMBAUGH; QUOTE: “The president, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, they all knew “hands up, don’t shoot” was dangerous. It was a dangerous lie to perpetuate, and they did it. They watched international sports stars wear T-shirts for the express purpose of publicizing that lie. They watched a couple of guys on the St. Louis Rams during player introductions prior to a game last year walk out with the pose “hands up, don’t shoot.”

“THEY DID NOTHING TO STOP IT. They said, “Well, this is what the community thinks. We have to recognize and respect the community attitude. The community thinks this, the community feels this, and we must give them a wide berth and respect and understand their rage and anger.” Well, if it’s fueled by an untruth, why not tell ’em the truth? Why not tell them the truth? Why not tell them that “hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t happen? But even now they know it. The grand jury report is out. But, you see, we’ve had such highly respected authority figures — I mean, I’m gonna tell you, the Department of Justice, an African-American attorney general, the White House with an African-American president is gonna trump a local grand jury every day of the week in terms of respect and authority.”

That’s how and that’s why Obama, Holder and Sharpton caused Ferguson to burn. Instead of putting water on the blazing buildings they got the gasoline.

What a disgraceful trio.

Scott Holleran reviewing the movie SELMA and connecting President Obama’s lying about American history when he spoke on the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Marches had this to say about the words of the President: “Obama talked about the need to “roll back poverty” despite six years of failed economic policies and incessant dismantling of capitalism through massive government controls and takeovers of work, banking, business, finance and industry.

“Obama’s dishonesty climaxed as the speech went on. Referring to claims of race-baiting, he invoked his own administrations report exonerating a cop in a local police shooting, which the black attorney general admitted found no evidence of wrongdoing by the white policeman who had been accused of racism, manslaughter and murder. Obama distorted the truth of the Justice department’s report—which, crucially, dispels the notion that the person who’d been shot had his hands up—baiting with some discovered racist e-mail messages to discard and evade the fact that police acted properly. “We don’t need the Ferguson report to know that [charges of race-baiting are] not true,” Obama said, baiting for race and evading the facts. “We just need to open our eyes, and ears, and hearts, to know that this nation’s racial history still casts its long shadow upon us.”

“Most Americans should know by now that it is the nation’s current president that casts the shadow of racism. Time and again, whether denouncing a white New England policeman or evading his administration’s exoneration of a white Midwestern policeman, it is Obama, who views his own life as a story based on race, who rushes to judge based on race. It is Obama who prejudges, judges and misjudges based on race. It is Obama who judges, and calls upon Americans to judge, based not on the sum total of a person’s virtues in action—what the Reverend Dr. King, Jr. rightly called the content of one’s character—but based on the color of one’s skin. The shadow of racism, which Ayn Rand rightly called a primitive form of collectivism, is cast by the president of the United States.

“In this sense, Obama at Selma, having earlier this year exploited Oprah Winfrey’s mediocre movie Selma, dishonors King at Selma. Barack Obama belongs on the side of Selma’s oppressor, not on the side of Selma’s oppressed.

“King in his magnanimously peaceful crusade sought to enlighten, unite and liberate Americans, to obtain for the wrongly deprived their inalienable individual rights. Obama in his unilaterally powerful government action seeks to confuse, divide and control Americans, forcing those he regards as unfairly privileged to serve those he regards as wronged. It should therefore by now be clear that Barack Obama lied when he invoked the great emancipator Abraham Lincoln those nine years ago in Springfield, Illinois. Obama lied yesterday, too, when he told those gathered at Selma:

“America is not the project of any one person. Because the single most powerful word in our democracy is the word “We.” We The People. We Shall Overcome. Yes We Can.”

“Yes we can…what? On answering this question, contradictory Obama, who is himself the one person who regards America as his project to fix, blanks out.

“The noble vow that “We shall overcome” refers to rising above the actions of an unjust government. America’s founders made reference to “We the people” …in order to form a more perfect union based on man’s rights. Obama’s Yes We Can serves only to negate and destroy: Yes We Can nationalize the medical profession. Yes We Can indiscriminately spy on Americans. Yes We Can destroy capitalism. Yes We Can refuse to wage war on states that sponsor Islamic terrorism. Yes We Can dictate what you eat, whether you travel, whether you use and what you say on the Internet. Yes We Can means No You Can’t do anything without the permission of the U.S. government.

“Two hundred and thirty-nine years after this nation’s founding, our union is not yet perfect,” Barack Obama said yesterday at Selma. This in practice means that Obama’s damage is not yet done; Obama the destroyer is bent on total destruction of the United States of America, its founding ideals and its highest laws. At its core, his Yes We Can means that Obama’s unthinking worshippers (“We”) can destroy America. With ObamaCare, the NSA, TSA and a gauntlet of government controls, and an unnamed Islamic enemy unchallenged across the world and appeased and encouraged to make catastrophic weapons, America’s end is closer than ever.

“Obama closed his speech at Selma with another lie—a false profession of faith—that all Americans “believe in the power of an awesome God.” As usual, the president of the United States is 100 percent wrong. All Americans do not believe in God, let alone in “the power of an awesome God”, though Obama acts as if he wants Americans to believe that he possesses the power of an awesome God.

“America is not a collective. America consists of Americans who are individuals. Some are believers. Some are atheists. All are considered to be infidels by America’s enemies, which is why all Americans should hold individual rights—including the right to not believe in a supernatural being—above all. While America’s Islamic enemies unite around what Benjamin Netanyahu rightly calls death, tyranny and the pursuit of jihad, Americans must reject Obama’s conflation of the injustice of the past with a future of total government control and instead unite around the truth that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are protected by individual rights.

“To do so, Americans must step out of the shadow of America’s dark past and away from the shadow of this dishonest, dishonorable American president and into a new, reunified enlightenment marching as a nation of united individuals toward achieving the promise of the future the man on the mountaintop once so bravely described.

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