Cheat they did in a Little League baseball series where winning was more important than honor and the President of the United States praised them.

Being black made all the difference for the President, first because he chose to be black, (his mother wasn’t black so he made a conscious decision about his race. He got to pick one.); second because the team was singled out as the first all-black Little League team to capture the title only to have the title taken from them for cheating, and third because the President was resident in Chicago and will return there in January of 2017. It cannot be soon enough. Here are more of the details about the cheating and the role of the President in support of it.

Unfortunately for the President; for the team and for black people in America the story is about being black in America. The importance of race in the story is disgraceful. The President is not supposed to be racial but sadly President Obama is all about race but not in a good way. He should be better than good about race. He should be showing everyone why race doesn’t matter but he does not because he can not.

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