Prompted by his poor judgement Jerold Grupp carried a loaded gun onto Council Rock School Property. He carried it into the Holland Elementary School then defended his actions by saying the District Attorney wrote a four page letter to Patti Sexton that said he committed no crime. Why then did Grupp say his actions with his loaded gun were stupid? Is he that stupid that he apologizes when he’s right? If the DA said there was no crime why did Grupp contradict that idea and say his behavior with his loaded gun was stupid?

Being stupid is one thing Grupp has always done well. But being stupid is very different than cheating. He’s cheating too. How?

How is Grupp cheating? Here’s how.

He’s a School Director. The Term Limit for a school director is four years. He violated that Term Limit three times and he is determined to violate it yet again.

Why is there a Term Limit? Because of Corruption. The idea that anyone who learns the political system can corrupt it by violating the rules is why there is a term limit for every elected office in America. Grupp doesn’t agree so he violates the Term Limit law.

Yes, a four year term limit is a law. Why four years, not 20 like Grupp wants?

Corruption, of course and because it’s better to have different people in government compared to those who have the power of government and who form into gangs or mobs to better take advantage of the public. Term Limits are needed to protect the public from elected officials taking advantage of their position to benefit themselves. Grupp agrees with taking advantage of people. That’s a Northampton Republican Insider Tradition. Look at George Komolasky who will never leave office while he’s alive and will try to keep his office after he dies. [Joke].

In the Grupp Gun Incident he took advantage of his position on the school board to lecture about why he was innocent when he took his loaded gun to school. He got to use the microphone at the school board meeting where he at the very least, omitted to tell the whole story which means he did not tell the whole truth. Part of the truth is partly a lie. But worse than that, he actually told some fibs when he told his story. He made up his story after he was caught. Before that he carried his loaded gun around including at school board meetings but he never talked about going to the gun range; driving onto school property and going into school buildings with a loaded gun.

Telling fibs is cheating. Trying to get away with something which in Grupps case is trying to continue to violate the term Limit law.

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