His animosity towards Israel and Prime Minster Netanyahu is unbelievable for an American President. Meddling in the election of the next prime minster has never been done in the open but President Obama is not and has never been a friend to Israel. His loyalties are with the enemies of Israel but his foreign policies in the Arab world have failed.

The American embassy in Yemen was suddenly evacuated. The Marines had to leave in a private aircraft and had to disable their weapons. Even worse scores of expensive large American SUV’s were abandoned so suddenly they keys were left in the ignitions so the enemies could just drive them away.

Obama’s failures in Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Crimea are also unprecedented. No American President has ever cut and run but Obama has established a record but not a record to be proud of. He also gave up in Cuba and freely welcomed Fidel Castro and his brigands into the world community without penalty after Castro shot his way to power and overthrew the government of Cuba. Obama received nothing in return. Even worse, the Castro’s condemn America and now they are back on the world stage they will continue to degrade and dismiss America.

Obama’s foreign policy failures don’t mean much for America or the rest of the free world. they are however much more important to Israel where missteps can be fatal. With 23 months to go with his mostly ruinous policies there isn’t much more damage he can do except he is not finished trying to degrade America. Obama’s feckless foreign policies have emboldened Vladimir Putin as well as ISIS and other brigands in Arabia and elsewhere.

No telling what additional damage will be done by Obama on the world stage but it’s almost guaranteed he’s not finished ruining America.

Out of touch? Obama told CHRISTIANS to “get off their high horse” and that “Climate Change is more dangerous than ISIS”. How much more wrong can he get?

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