Estrogen. When Arab women are shown the glories of Western civilization with it’s flounces and flurries of beauty their minds will start to rebel against all that their backward civilization and culture supports. Women are the key to controlling and civilizing the Arabs.

It’s won’t be easy but it can be done by the women. One of the highest achievements of Western Civilization has been the empowerment of women. Kept down throughout history, they decided the American Constitution and all the freedom and Liberty stuff applied to them. Rosa Parks decided she could sit where she wanted to sit and the Revolution went into high gear. Same has to happen in the Arab world. Arab women want and respond to what all women want. Instead of bombs and tanks the defeat of ISIS the West needs to start using Madison Avenue

Billboards, not bombs. Great ads influence women. In the short term bombs are needed along with a lot of other force and force multipliers. Simultaneously, drop eye liner and lipstick into the Arab countries. Victoria’s Secret gift cards can be enormously effective in getting Arab women to cast off their old fashioned clothes designers and follow the lead of Western women. Why not?

The Arab men can be controlled by Arab women so far as women are in control in the bedroom.

Women have been driving from the back seat all their existence. As Ronald Reagan said: “It’s amazing what you can do so long as you don’t care who get’s the credit.”

The Arab women need to realize the benefits of acting like women and of the great power that gives them over the happiness of men. Forget the dusty books and all of the other old ways; show the women how much better life can be and get out of their way. They can hide the Kalashnikov and bring out the best weapon they have. Feminism. Being female. It’s sort of a secret weapon that women know how to use but they need to discover their powers.

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