This is stunning information. Frank Rothermel investigated the Leehurst Farm development’s request for approval from the Board of Supervisors and found the developer can’t get DEP approval eithout the expensive sewer construction project that will cost $1.8 Million. The cost of the construction bills is going to be paid by Northampton residents instead of the developer. At the Sewer meeting November 2nd the Water and Sewer Authority, (I call them the sewers to show my distain for them) lied to the people about it. I heard the lies. I was there.

Why did the sewer’s make such an anti-residents deal? They refuse to talk about it. Just like they refused to talk about why they cheated the West End Residents when the sewers charged the helpless residents of the West End $10 grand to connect to the public sewers.  No one ever paid more than $2,500. The sewers still will not talk about why they cheated the people. Chairman Albano has said on many occasions, talking about why he mistreated the people: “because we can”. That’s why I have asked for him to resign many times over the past two years.

All this is a matter of record. The minutes of the sewers and the insolent, rude supervisors Deon, Komelasky and Silver prove beyond a doubt that they tried to hide this deal from the citizens. We heard a 90 minute presentation from supervisor Rothermel on Thursday Nov 3rd who had more evidence than the OJ trial about the Leehurst deal. The budget for the sewers for 2011 shows no sewers for the Leehurst development but the sewers just lied about it and told us they had planned it all along because seweage was exploding from the manholes. The nasty thing about their lies is they refuse to include them in the rigged record. These are bad people who should be investigated by the Grand Jury.

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