No, neither the Crips nor the Bloods are running around Northampton but the simpleminded chuckle-heads of the Northampton Republican Committee fit all four corners of the definition of a mob. As a group, they are free of reason, twist the truth, follow hollow catchphrases and are loyal to their own propaganda which they follow because they fail to have original ideas. This is a group of misfits, dissatisfied with their own personalities, willing to submerge themselves in a group and blindly follow the chairman. Rules can be ignored in favor of their whims, like charging $75 to change a toilet or $100 for a permit to put up a political sign on our own property. People who do not accept their transgressions are their enemies. To them this is an either/or world. Ann Coulter would say it’s textbook mob behavior. Mobs, we know only grasp the very simple and the very exaggerated. They can call me a name and nonsensically keep repeating the same word. They respond to images that have a very absolute, uncompromising, simple shape and follow blindly their passions, not their brains. No wonder they lost control of the township and it’s good that real Republicans, both in and outside of Northampton reject them.

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