“…..touch a solemn truth in collision with a dogma of a sect, though capable of the clearest proof, and you will soon find you have disturbed a nest, … and the hornets will swarm about your legs and hands, and fly into your face.” John Adams is rumored to have used those words. He could have made that same comment about a recent Letter to the Editor that questioned some of the truths that collided with the dogma of the “Bad Republicans” who rule Northampton from their Supervisor chairs.

Never mind the bad Republicans. They are outweighed by all of the good Republicans in Northampton. There are three Bad Republican Supervisors who create chaos at the Supervisor meetings with their boorish, high-nosed behavior. They constantly violate our United States Constitution. One of them, Vince Deon almost lost the last election. After the election -when he could have brought the party together -he chose instead to lash out against me by calling my political signs: “Classless, Tasteless and Unprofessional”. I call that a vindictive winner and it validates my charges about the Supervisor meetings.

Since when and how does Deon think he is the standard of “Class”, “Taste”, and Professionalism”? Is it his Ju;ly 2007 email that said: (here I quote Deon): “Professionals, Consultants, Contractors and loyal GOP Supporters who have BENEFITTED HANDSOMELY from GOP Leadership Bucks County wide”. Some standard.  

Many of my campaign signs were vandalized and stolen before the May 2011 Republican primary election. The signs said: “DUMP (Pay-To-Play) DEON”. They didn’t attack Deon. They were instructions to the voters.

Back on what the Courier called “Pay-To-Play”, is Deon’s email that said: “2. Many professionals, consultants, contractors and loyal GOP supporters have benefitted handsomely byGOP Leadership County wide.” (sic.)

Poor grammar, missing punctuation and mis-spelling aside, that’s the sentence that caused the Courier Editor to call it Pay-To-Play. If the Courier called it Pay to Play why is it condemned by the bad Republicans when it’s on my home-made signs?

Even though all of my signs were home-made, the designs were extremely professional. Any reasonable person would agree my signs were more inventive, well designed to high standards and professional to the nth degree.

So nuts to the hornets and their tiny brains.

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