The black mobs that rampage through stores robbing and destroying are not race based riots. They are crime based individuals. It almost justifies the purpose of a mob to say it’s a race based riot. A race-based riot would have the objective of changing parts of the government to provide justice. A robbery is an end in itself. No further analysis is needed. A robbery is a criminal affair; nothing more.

The media refuses to report mob-based robberies because it goes against their purpose which is to blame America for the grievances of black people but that’s a very wrong presumption and it wrongly justifies the robberies because it elevates their purpose into something good. A robbery is a crime. Crimes aren’t good. Unfortunately both Al Sharpton and the President of black America support race-based robberies when they fail to mention them and again when they fail to condemn them. If you think a band of ten teens running through Neiman Marcus and grabbing a few thousand bucks of hoodies and Michael Jordans is too small for the President to be involved, remember he got involved in an small arrest of Professor Gates who mouthed off to a local cop. Ten teens rampaging in a business is a much bigger deal than mouthing off.

Sharpton and Obama know what they are doing. They are trolling for the black vote and they know the non-black Liberals won’t oppose their condemnation of America because that’s the Liberal narrative.

Could Obama be right? Is America the hell he organized to change? Or is Obama trying to change America into a modern hell for his non-black enemies?

Does the President have enemies? Are there some people he judges to be so wrong they need to change into some kind of good angels and that’s his mission? Yes and yes and a large group of his enemies are European-Americans, aka, non-blacks, at least as far as “Racism” is concerned and he’s not alone. He bases his anti non-black rage on the torture of his grandfather by Winston Churchill. That’s in his book. That’s behind the return to Great Britain of the bust of Winston Churchill he found in the oval office. The truth is Winston had no idea who Obama’s grandfather was.

Liberals hate America just like Lucifer hated Heaven. Lucifer is lighting the way to the destruction of America by sending one of his own, the President just as he did when he rebelled against God.

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