America’s most divisive President will be in the news for the next 40 years so attacking white people will be in the headlines at least that long. The man can’t get past race. How did a black man get to be President of a nation in a nation that hates black people as much as Obama believes?


Could Obama be wrong? There’s no “could” about racism. Yes, he’s massively wrong. How did he get elected by a white majority, a majority that he now disrespects so much that he brings up slavery which was outlawed by white people? More silence.

America is not racist. A credible case can be made that America never was racist. Nor does America discriminate towards women. America just showed it’s not homophobic either. At least Americans can be though of as indifferent. At best Americans tolerate just about anybody and everything. The President, elected by those he calls Jim Crow people is far behind the lessons of America.

Racism is a quest for the unearned,–an automatic evaluation of men’s characters that bypasses the responsibility of exercising rational or moral judgment —and, above all, racism is part of a pathology by people who do not much like themselves. Racism is a crime if practiced by white people but to President Obama and American black people racism, a hatred of white people, is judged as an inalienable right. The thought without action that white people are racist even though it’s only a thought is taken as an axiom by the President but racism by black people is “ethnic” pride. Resistance to change and progress is regarded as reactionary if demonstrated by white people but riots by black people are seen as reactions without realizing how far back it sets their culture.

The hatred of the good is the basis for America’s riots. At best it’s a reaction against the idea that black people as a culture cannot exist without assistance. At worst it’s the criminals wish to get something for nothing. Is that in “Our DNA” too?

President Obama is Bizzaro. Does President Obama not get the idea that some people are altruistic and want to help the less fortunate? Of course helping some people while taking the money for that help from other people is a sophisticated form of robbery. Obama cannot get that and won’t get that during his lifetime because the tree is inclined as the twig in bent and Obama’s ideas are bent in the direction of more free stuff for his favorites.

Racism is not in the DNA. There is no “RACISM GENE”. Racism starts with the idea that black cultures are behind white cultures. That’s a wrong idea and to make a bad thing worse it’s the basis of the Welfare State. Is welfare in the DNA? Obama has a different conclusion about the basis of welfare which is a basis that’s so pervasive in America that it seems like welfare is in the DNA. Welfare is a far larger problem than racism because it forces everyone to pay for the benefits of a few. It forces the successful to pay more than the unsuccessful. Welfare is Theft. Theft is learned. Theft isn’t in the DNA and neither is Racism. The President got it wrong.

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