Lets just throw the entire Western World under the Teheran Nuclear bus, which Nobel Peace Prizer Obama did when he increased the legitimacy of Iran. The man’s gone round the bend. No sane person let alone the President and most powerful man on the earth could possibly have the idea that a Nuclear Bomb-Bound Iran:


America should be heavily invested in stopping one of the most dysfunctional government’s in the world, not encouraging it to be even more successful in it’s quest to destroy America, the West and of course the country of Israel. The President should think that way instead of showing Iran how to become more powerful than it is. The excessive power of Iran is the biggest reason for the United States to oppose Iran and it’s rulers who are the biggest supporters of Hezbollah, Hamas and Global Terrorism.

How is it possible that a highly intelligent American; –Obama graduated from Colombia with a 96 average; –how  could his thinking be so wrong? Even for a Liberal and a Socialist who cannot grasp the founding principles of America; how can he get it so wrong?

And that’s not the first big blunder for “The Barack” . He refused to condemn Egypt President Morsi, one of the founders of The Muslim Brotherhood. Obama also refused to support the present President, General Sisi who recently called for a very different set of ideas in the Middle East because the present approach is
“antagonizing the entire world”. 

Obama needs to go back to school or something to get his head on straight and stop making mistakes in his wrong Middle East policies. He’s a foreign policy disaster with his complete abandonment of Afghanistan to the forces of ISIS. His blunderous thoughts practically gave Iraq to the Muslim Brotherhood’s pals, the forces of ISIS.

Sarcasm: “Nice Going Mr. President”.  

The only correct reaction to Obama’s foreign policy is: “Oh Crap !!”


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