It’s not a stretch of the imagination to realize the American voters were hoodwinked by Barack Obama. His biggest attribute is not a good one; he’s incompetent. He deceived us into believing he would get America moving in the right direction. Instead he has divided the races more than anytime since slavery was legal in America. American’s didn’t hate the slaves. They were too valuable.

Many, not all non-blacks blame the blacks for voting Obama into the Presidency and dividing the races more than before. They are being propagandized into hating white police officers because they are white. Look at Ferguson, MO. Instead of healing racial division Obama poured gun powder on the racial tension in Ferguson that was exacerbated by the President and Attorney General Eric Holder. Race relations are worse today than after the OJ trial verdict.

Should we have known more about Barack Obama before he was voted to be President twice? Yes but people were purposely deceived by the Democratic Party politicians and of course by Barack himself. His two books reveal more about his biases and prejudices. He is bi-racial but he’s been unable to live that way. He chose his fathers race but he didn’t have to. Tiger Woods has even more racial components among his ancestors but he choses to be Tiger, not his father. Barack, unfortunately went for a more pure racial mix than his parents did creating him. What a wrong idea that was.

Too late. We didn’t know him before he was elected but we sure learned and the experience wasn’t good.

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