12/4/2014 MANHATTAN White activists demonstrated against white racism alongside blacks who were doing the same thing. It’s like a war where both sides are fighting on both sides. That’s called peace. When both white and black people demonstrate together it proves what?

It proves racism in America is no longer an issue. In Manhattan both white and black people are actually welcome in all of the stores and restaurants. Jim Crow is dead. All of the Jim Crow anti-black laws have been taken off the books. All of the civil rights battles of the ’60’s are over. Black people won. Al Sharpton want’s to make sure racism is still dead in America so he’s calling for a demonstration Dec 13 in Washington D.C. Everyone is welcome.

Are there places where white people aren’t wanted? Sure, but not in America. Same for black people. Where can’t they go? Black people can’t go inside some places but not in America where black people can go wherever and whenever they want to go, everywhere, all the time.

Al Sharpton wants to demonstrate in D.C. on December 13th. He’ll be joined by thousands of white people along with thousands of black people who want to celebrate the end of racism in America.

Proof that racism is over? December 3rd in Manhattan.

Several thousands of white people along with many black people were in evidence during a peaceful and proper demonstration Dec 4th in Times Square where no businesses were burned to the ground like they were by the demonstrations in Ferguson, MO. What’s the difference? None really except in Ferguson stores and businesses were torched. Notice no businesses were torched in Manhattan last night. Did racism stop between Nov. 25 in Ferguson and December 4th in Manhattan? Of course not. That proves the riots in Ferguson were not about race or racism after all and Al Sharpton will take a well-deserved victory lap on December 13th.

Henceforth Racism in America will only be found in the history books. Good.

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