Assistant Professor Russell Rickford, a privileged member of academia, lectured to students, telling them they must reject the inherent privilege of their skin color to move past the events in Ferguson.

Who controls skin color? How is the color of one’s skin an indicator of their thoughts? How does asst. professor Rickford know what’s in the minds of others? The fact is: he doesn’t.

Campus Reform spoke to Breznick, the editor-in-chief of the Cornell Review, regarding the event.

Breznick said: “I disagree with everything he says, but I’m trying now to understand what he is saying. The thing you have to know about Rickford and his ilk is that they are operating within a totally different paradigm of thought,” Breznick wrote in an email response to Campus Reform. “They view the world in terms of race and class.

“There is no individual. Notions like self-improvement, self-reliance, and individual rights are nonexistent to them. It’s truly frightening, how they’ve co-opted the liberties and rights this country affords them to turn against that very country and those liberties and rights.”

How does such a limited individual get a position as a teacher at Cornell? It’s not because he has truth, facts and reason as a guide to his ideas. He has rejected the use of reason so there’s nothing he has to say that can be accepted. Nothing.

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