Wolf wants to hurt seniors. How do we know that? We know Seniors suffer most from tax increases because they are on fixed incomes. They can’t make more money to offset higher taxes so they must make-do with less money. They must lower their thermostat to save money and some have to lower the heat and live with coats on inside their 55 degree homes. Tax increases force seniors to live in colder houses and Wolf don’t care about them. He’s increasing taxes regardless of how much it hurts seniors. Vote for Corbett.

Simultaneously the poor and middle class also suffer from fewer jobs as businesses have to use money to pay the higher taxes.

Wolf is a graduate of MIT. That means “More Income Taxes” said Lt. Governor Jim Cawley who also warned: “the Wolf Is At The Door!”. Corbett wants to lower taxes. Wolf wants to raise them and despite his MIT degree won’t say how much. How can he know he has to raise taxes if he don’t know what they are or what they should be? He’s lying about How Much, that’s how. Vote for Corbett.

Governor Chris Christie joined Corbett and told the Republican crowd he has many relatives in PA. His wife lived in Paoli and many of her side have multiplied and live here. Christie is one of the nicest tough guys you can meet. Personable, competitive and a gentleman, he heaped lot’s of genuine praise on Corbett and Mrs. Susan Corbett. Christie inspired the crowd to work extra hard on Election day to help Corbett. Christie is a very believable guy who comes over as the real deal. Republicans are fortunate for the “Three ‘C’s'”, each of whom is a great campaigner. Finally, Vote For Corbett.

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