Ryan T. Anderson is giving talks, lectures and arguments about Christian marriage. The U.S. Supreme Court has gotten into the issue because of the interest in marriage of the LGBT community. It’s come down to the single issue of whether or not marriage is really between one man and one woman. The counterpoint is whether or not two LGBT people can be married.

What is marriage? It’s a contract. According to the American Constitution the government has an interest in every contract so the laws of the United States are involved in every marriage. Can LGBT people enter into contracts? Of course. Can LGBT’s get married? Of course so far as a contract is concerned but no if they want to have a child together. Why? Because they cannot have a child together.

Marriage is about the unique romantic love that occurs between a man and a woman. Homosexuals come in male and female versions but none are like the man and the woman who become married. If they were, they would be heterosexual but by their nature, that’s what they are not.

Every individual homo or hetero, has the capacity to fall in love but only hetero’s can have children. 

Anderson claims marriage is a permanent heart, mind, and body, comprehensive and exclusive announcement to the community that this man and this woman have agreed to keep their sexual actions between only them. He knows that divorce is available but still he seeks to convince us marriage is permanent. It isn’t. It should be permanent but people make mistakes. People change. Contracts can be broken. Some contracts must be broken and still others should be. People fall out of love. Some people, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, for example, fell in love, fell out of love for each other and fell back in love with each other.

Human nature is different for each individual. While many characteristics of each individual can be classified and categorized, some cannot and because of the differences and the changes even marriage contracts need to recognize the natures of the two people involved with a marriage.

Another point is that the word marriage in not the important attribute of the romantic love that builds between a man and a woman. The concept that will always be with the human race is the result of  the idea of the romantic relationship that, while it is unique between those two people, is a normal attribute of individuals.

Anderson makes the point that men and women are different. Yes. So are Gay Men, Lesbians, Transgenders and Bi-Sexuals. In addition men cannot be mothers nor can women be fathers. Ditto for the LGBT’s.

Anderson is on to a lot of the ideas that have caused marriage among humans. But the world has changed since marriage began, but…… What hasn’t changed and what will never change is the inclination of a man and a woman to fall into romantic love. What will never change is that each child has one father and one mother. Ditto for the love of a child that begins with the romantic love between a man and a woman. And ditto even more for the lifelong permanent love of a man and a woman for each other and for each of their children. Nothing’s optional here.

Successful marriages create children, grandchildren and descendants. What’s common about that, and it’s as common as the stars but not as rare as the romantic love that undergirds each and every one of those relationships, love that can never occur among the LGBT’s No lesbian couple be a father and a mother. Not if they are Lesbians. Same for the GBT’s.

The thing not talked about is the depth of the love and commitment that happens over time between a man and a woman who go on to create descendants who expand exponentially the unique loving relationship. What’s amazing is that it’s so common yet so un-discussed.

The world of the LGBT community has become far richer since the days before The Stonewall Riots in Manhattan. It’s time for more work to better understand the basis of romantic love between a man and a woman. Maybe another “Stonewall” would help, this time with hetero’s.

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