Four members of the Bucks County Executive should be kicked off the committee for wasting Republican Campaign Time. Instead of helping put up signs, knocking on doors and talking to voters like they should have been doing, they wrote letters, had forms designed, used the facilities of the Doylestown Courthouse as well as writing and signing a letter to the Judge to get the Judge to follow a so-called law that’s never been followed and wasting precious campaign time effort and money just for a political vendetta. In effect they helped Corbett and Cawley lose the election. I told them it was the wrong thing to do but they proved my discovery that

    “All Corruption Is Local”.

They need to apologize to Corbett and Cawley who were good candidates who did a lot of really good things but when the Republican Committee’s are working at revenge the best Republican Candidates go down in flames and that’s what the four dimwits helped bring about.

Instead of playing ball with the Democrats and in fact and deed doing their work for them, the Executive Committee should have shut down the revenge-minded dopes. Now that their stupid revenge motives and deeds are known, Pat Poprick should kick them off the Executive Committee as well as the Northampton Republican Committee for flagrantly violating the Republican Rules, which violations helped Corbett go down in flames.

Oh, your think that Fitzpatrick’s and Tomlinson’s victory in Northampton proves the four fools were effective? The facts are: both Fitzpatrick and Tomlinson put up lots of their own signs in Northampton because they know from past experience how ineffective because of laziness the Northampton Republican Committee is at actually working for Republican candidates.

What good are party rules when four chuckleheads work so hard to remove a really good Republican Judge of Elections? They mocked their own party by going after a nonsensical and minor Judge of Elections Appointment instead of putting up Corbett Campaign Signs. Northampton Township had a bot ten Corbett signs up in the entire 35 square mile township. The local Republicans were asleep and their leaders didn’t wake them up and get them moving to help Corbett. They could have put up at least one large Corbett sign to help Corbett. They didn’t. they helped Wolf win. They should be fired.

Who are the ringleaders who helped Corbett lose? Who are the four who signed a letter to the court from which a judge ruled at an elaborate show trial in Doylestown? Dave Breidinger, Vince Deon, Larry Weinstein and Pete Palestina sent a letter to the court.They wasted everyone’s time over a trivial matter. Poprick should fire them and appoint me. I’m a far better Republican then all four combined. They don’t have the brains of a peanut.

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