The Obama plan is redistribution of money from those who have it to those who didn’t earn it. Joe Wurzelbacher, a man in the crowd at a Barack Obama public appearance asked if Obama’s plan would raise his taxes. After quite a bit of spin, the answer was Joe’s taxes would increase. Joe knew that was wrong. He never got to the reason it was wrong which is money belongs to it’s owner and government must protect each person’s money. Obama doesn’t see money that way because he’s a redistributionist. He wants to take money away from people like Joe and give it to people who have no right to it.

But Obama’s plan is immoral because taking from someone to give to someone else is theft. Theft is immoral because every moral code says it’s wrong to steal.

Six years later, Obama hasn’t learned it’s immoral to steal. He believes it’s OK to steal if it’s for a good cause. That’s immoral. That’s Obama. That’s still his plan. That’s why he’s so unpopular. Bad Plans.

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