Hold onto your wallets if Tom Wolf gets elected governor. Your taxes are going up, up, up.

The PA Commonwealth Foundation reports Wolf’s tax plans include doubling the state income tax which will raise the taxes of a two wage earner married couple a whopping $1,690 a year forever.

Two of Wolf’s tax increases will cost Pennsylvanians an additional $4.6 Billion a year. Will he be soaking the rich? No, not at all. Wolf’s taxes will overwhelm middle class families and hit them the hardest.

So if you hate Corbett, your will really hate Wolf if he get’s elected.

Corbett is a good guy. He’s had some push-back from the Legislature because some of them are bought and paid for political hacks who get loads of campaign cash from the opposition.

Re-Elect Corbett. It’s the best way to stop the tax increases of Wolf and keep the wolf from eating up your cash. Make it personal. Vote for your family. Vote for Corbett.

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