OBOLA, the combination of Obama and Ebola came into the U.S. despite all of the elaborate precautions of the Center For Disease Control which under President Obama has been politicized like every other agency under his control. The first case, a man living in Liberia who was sent home after his first visit. When he became desperately ill and returned the disease was so obvious they had no choice but to admit him then start into the Benghazi Defense Mode popularized by President Obama and Hillary. Benghazi Defense Mode means Obama’s people will lie. The CDC started to lie to make sure people didn’t blame them for what they did which was to release the Ebola patient back into the population.

Because of their blockhead release of the Ebola patient, scores of additional people had to be rounded up for tests, put into quarantine and who knows what will happen next. Certainly not the lying CDC. Whatever they do, and everyone wants them to do the right things, we can’t trust what they say.

Everyone at the CDC isn’t a PC Obama / Clinton liar but we have to presume they are lying for our own protection.

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