At the Sept. 21, 2011 Supervisor Meeting I used the example of how Falls Township Water and Sewer Authority responded to a problem the residents had with Orange Water. Here’s the link:

Falls said we’re going to find out whats going wrong and we will fix it.

When residents complained about harmful chemicals in their well water Northampton said: It’s not our problem. Years later the DEP had to tell the three supervisors who control Northampton that the problem water is so bad that the township must install public water. Falls and the DEP went after the problem. Not the Northampton Supervisors.  Northampton tried to run away from the problem. They try to cover up the existence of problems and hide data that shows there is a problem. They did that with sewers in the West End because and the VOC’s in the private wells. They try to deny problems because the existence of problems means they failed to supervise the township.

That’s because they don’t know enough about how to solve problems.  

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