One of Northampton’s big phonies was in front of the camera’s again at the Sept Supervisor Meeting trying to convince people his life was threatened. The District Attorney said it wasn’t.

During the past two years ex-sewage board member Con George has been sounding off abut things about which he is not too well informed, like the contaminated water that he blamed on Supervisor Rothermel. There was no contamination nor did Rothermel┬ácause it. No matter for the Big Blather, he just kept repeating there was contamination and he almost caused a riot as people became concerned their water had been poisoned. It wasn’t but like other truly talented phonies, his skill is the effect of his words on other people, but not┬áhis lack of information. He kept repeating with so much earnestness that the water was contaminated when it was not contaminated at all. Not one drop of contamination was found right where Blather said it was.

Whether what he says is relevant to facts is politically irrelevant. Slick politicians don’t waste their time trying to convince others, his job is to keep the Republican voters believing his fellow Republicans know what they are doing, which of course they don’t. Rothermel and Cunningham are not the best Supervisors, which of course they are and well deserving of our votes.

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