This was in The Courier Times today:

“My husband and I have been writing to this paper for more than 20 years. The opinion page presents an excellent opportunity for citizens to put forth their concerns, arguments and ideas to promote awareness of a subject.

“Over time I have been approached by acquaintances to write in support of one cause or another regarding issues that did not necessarily interest me. Quite honestly, if I’m not passionate about a subject I refrain from writing on that subject. I always encourage those people to write for themselves. Without exception when I write I always identify myself and would never allow anyone else to use m name. To do otherwise is dishonorable.

“That said, I suggest others not to give credit to the cowardly writers of anonymous websites or any comments written by those who hide behind anonymity. An accusation, verbal assault or innuendo against others without the honesty of a signature is cowardice and belongs in the category of “poison pen” letters. Lending your name to something someone else has written is no better. It suggests the signer is no better than the writer and complicit in the deception.”

Janet O’Neill

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