Watch the recorded Water Board Meeting of Feb. 6th for more info about your extra high water and sewer charges, courtesy of “The Old Republicans”. The Old Republicans are the people responsible for the loss of the last local election for Supervisor. The extra high rates of the NBCMA are because of the bad management practices of the Board Chairman, Tony Albano and ex-board member D. George. The maledicta continued at the 2-6 meeting as Attorney Ed Rudolph expressed his delight that Industrial Customers will have extra high Water Board payments because he beat them in court.

It was also revealed that the County and therefore the Water Board, has been overcharging residents for Water so the Authority will withhold $.0006/gal from the payment. I asked if the residents rates would be lowered by the 60 cents per thousand gallons, about ten percent but Rudolph refused to comment. How about that. A lawyer who refuses to answer. Guess he’s unable to figure out a “Yes” or “No answer. One too many choices

One resident asked Albano what he (Albano) meant when he referred to residents comments to the Board as “Crap”? Albano usually loquatious in the extreme because he has a special sensitivity to his own sweet voice, an affinity not shared by the public, refused to answer until the resident asked about six times. Alban said: “the words speak for themselves”. 

People speak, not words. People of limited intellect however think they speak twice, – once when they mouth the syllables and again when they hear the voices in the back of their heads.

Bill O’Neill again gave reasons Albano should resign and asked Albano to leave immediately. O’Neill then asked Albano to apologise. Kings and people with God complexes cannot connect to the world where mistakes are made and apologies are often in order. Not King Tony.


Tony and Rudolph talked about cross contamination, a myth of theirs that means aa incorrectly installed sewer pipe may, not for sure, may let debris accumulate and may cause, not always, but on occasion, in certain circumstances, circumstances not in evidence here, allow e-coli to bloom, Instead of jawboning this the Sewer Board can pour some disinfectant or sodium hyperchlorate into the pipe. It’s no surprise King Tony and his ‘lil paid puppet Rudolph the Red don’t know this. Or that the Director didn’t recommend and just do it instead of letting it fester as an issue.

The recently (Thanks God) departed director referred to residents as “Rats” at his last meeting.  Albano, Farling and Jim refused to disagree. Those are recent examples of the risible hatred of the residents by real rats .

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