The constant attempts of the Left to ban the word “Redskin” provides another example of the intolerance of the Left. America wasn’t begun to censor others. Nor do the Redskins need to be diminished by considering them to be victims of Racism. For seeking to control language the Left should be condemned and that condemnation should extend to their condescension towards the Redskins who after all were enemies before they were conquered.

Redskins have assimilated themselves into the mainstream culture to a remarkable degree which should be used as an example of the greatness of America. But the Left needs victims so they use the Redskins.

The Left hates dissent. Dissent interferes with their programming. Unable to think for themselves they follow the playbook and vilify those who think, write or say: “Redskin”.

America was, is and will continue to be a great and exceptional nation whose restless nature will overcome the Left at universities like Columbia, Syracuse and Bryn Mawr where virtual brainwashing disguised as Critical Thinking caused the cult of Political Correctness among students taught to overcome objective reason. Multicultural Social Programming is designed to overcome the students common sense and to mandate they see the world as the oppressed and the oppressors. Instead of transmitting Americanism they deach students to transform it. Hence the popularity among the Left of President Obama with his mantra of “Change”.

Political Correctness and Multiculturalism are on one side of the coin of Marxism, the ultimate Group system that’s opposed to the Individual. America anticipated and opposed Marxism 100 years before Marx invented it. The current whinney babies of the Left who scream racism where none exists want to divide America into groups so they can impose their total government controls. President Obama is leading the charge. He and they will fail. America will remain great.

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