In six years of stunning violations of the Rule Of Law imitating perhaps the Mau-Mau Revolts in Kenya the historic homeland of his father, President Obama has violated: his oath; the trust of the American people; the Federal Constitution, and disgraced his own character. He should resign, leave us in peace and may posterity forget his name.

The Los Angeles Times reported that on Saturday, Sept 20th, Senator Rand Paul said: “We have a president who basically has created a lawless atmosphere in Washington.”

Why did he go so far from the Exceptionalism of America? Why do he and his friends have so much hatred of America? He has been given Affirmative Action benefits not available to most Americans. His parents were showered with intelligence, good looks and in his case a fantastic voice that moves people. He is favored by nature but is against the best culture in the world. Why didn’t he follow the Constitution? His skill set would have easily persuaded the Congress to go along with his schemes to change America if he was inclined to make America better for all Americans but instead he’s made it worse except for the political toadies of his small sub-set of disgruntled, mis-guided advisors. His signature achievement, Obamacare, went too far from the American experience and established a larger dependency class who because of the welfare state will never become productive. They will continue to live their lives at lower and lower levels of human ability.

Just like his ancestral Mau-Mau’s never became popular with the rank and file Kenyans, his violations of America will never resonate with the free world.

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