11/18/2016. “Hamilton” is the deconstruction of the founders of America because they were white people. An orchestra floor center ticket was selling for $2,888.00 last night. they refused to hire white actors. The black actor who played Aaron Burr, the man who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel gave a lecture from the stage to Vice President Mike Pence. Typical behavior of those who don’t get what just happened in America with the election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence and the rejection of the snobs of Broadway and their “Racist” Alinsky name-calling. It wasn’t a race election. Trump won the lower and middle classes. The snobs of Broadway missed that.
There were no Trump hats in the theater. The Broadway crowd were Hillary supporters. So was the bitter actor who lectured Vice President Elect Mike Pence, a good man.
The stage Actor, (how hard a job is that?) never announced how he paid for his college educations at Colombia and the British American Drama Academy at Balliol College in Oxford, England, places most Trump voters don’t get a chance to attend. Who paid?

The actor called the Vice President a racist. He used a favorite stealth synonym, diverse, to hide both his true intentions and his lack of courage when he ambushed from the stage to a captive audience where Pence would not be given a chance to respond to his rude and purposely divisive rant. The theater should hold Dixon responsible for the improper use of the stage. At the very least Dixon and the theater should apologize. For certain Dixon can’t apologize, it’s not in his nature. The theater may apologize otherwise flash mobs will increase and ticket prices will go down.
The stage actor is just another one of the special snowflakes whose feelings are more important than those of regular people. They need safe spaces, blankies and pacifiers to cope with trauma and now they’re venting during paid for theater performances. Lets’ get him a therapy dog and some safety pins to hold up his dipe.

This isn’t a race thing. It’s a dumb thing.

“Of the nearly 700 counties that twice sent Obama to the White House, one-third flipped to Trump. Trump also won 194 of the 207 counties that voted for Obama either in 2008 or 2012.” Even Kanye West came out and said he would have voted for Trump if he had bothered to vote. Does that make Kanye a white supremacist? I really don’t get that vibe from him but he better skip “Hamilton” unless he want’s a lecture from the stage.

“For those of you who think this is such a racist country, try a different one. You think it’s such a rotten place? You’re getting on your high horse about Trump when you were supporting HILLARY @#$%^!* Clinton? Then go to Canada. Have your Calexit. If only we could FORCE California to leave the United States. If that’s your attitude, then the country would be better off without you.”

Some people are calling for a boycott of “Hamilton”. They don’t need to do that. Dixon did it for them. His is a willfully uncomprehending perspective. /span>

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