He blamed the cause of chaotic Supervisor Meetings on the Supervisors. He knows, because everybody knows, the cause of the chaos is Insider Republicans who are out of power and who seek revenge.  Who are the Insiders? The Republican Committeeman whose Republican son was hired by the Insider Republicans as the Township videographer. They’re bitter because they lost their paying gigs.

The husband of the woman whose name is in a Grand Jury Report more than 190 times. We have his letter to the Republican Insider Committee where he admits his plan is to attack Supervisor Rothermel and disrupt the public meetings. He called himself a “Kamakazie”. He just moved to Florida. Good riddance.

Then there’s “The Contaminator” who tried to pin contaminated water on Frank Rothermel. Together with the Sewage Board Chairman and Tom Zuener the Exec Director they repeated whoppers about poisoned water for almost two years until residents because fearful of contamination and the Democrat Supervisors inspected the 22 industrial properties and not only found no contamination, some of the contaminated wells were decommissioned years ago by the Sewage Authority. Not only no contamination, no wells. What kind of people do that? What kind of people come to public meetings to lie about some issue they disrupt the meeting and attack Frank Rothermel? The 36 losers on the Republican Committee.  They have no honor.

The Republican supervisor candidate who wrote the false letter should withdraw his name from the election. He should say he will not run. Why? Because he should not run as a matter of honor which has been sadly lacking from the loser lacky’s whose sole purpose is to disrupt public comment.

Both Republican Supervisor Candidates should disassociate themselves from the Republican losers. It’s too late for them to disown their supporters. The supporters already endorsed them and are trying to get them elected by covering their politics of destruction and their roles in the disruptive tactics of the Northampton Republican Insiders.

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