By hiding his willing embrace of the IRS and it’s draconian and criminal practices like “Lost My Blackberry” Lois Lerner,  Democratic Party candidate Steve Cickay wants what the IRS wants, more and more of your money. Same for Democrat Kimberly Rose who want’s another $2 Billion from the over-burdened citizens of Pennsylvania. Too bad she’s only running in Bucks County because her mis-guided mentation will hurt every taxpayer, every family and every voter in the entire state of Pennsylvania but none of those people can tell her to back off. Cut taxes instead of constantly raising them. People are overtaxed.

Same for Sick Steve who’s running for dollars in Bucks County along with Taxem’ Kim. With those two in the Senate, Pennsylvanians can look foreward to having even more of their hard earned money taken from them to support the money-wasters of America, that would be the Democratic Party and their thieving supporters. Phooey!

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