Jefferson wrote: “We hold these truth’s to be self-evident: that all men are created equal” meaning in a legal sense that they are to be treated the same under the law, sort of the basis of due process and judged identically and receive the same justice. Ferguson dumped that bucket out.

There is no inate sense to riot but in defense of the rioters, oppressive government can cause riots and the basis of Ferguson is injustice at the hands of the police. The trigger event was the shooting by a police officer of Michael Brown. The critical question is: was the shooting justified? The quick answer is because the shots hit the front of his body and the top of his head when his head was down like a tackler in football the man was attacking a police officer. If that’s correct, the officer had no choice.

Ferguson is engaged in the worst kind of determinism, that the non-black officer shot the black man because of the group hatred of whites for blacks. Two separate groups but the real issue is two individuals. The behavior of the police officer is not the special province of white behavior and the behavior of the black community is not the special province of blacks. Despite the fact that everyone concerned knows the issue is only about the two people involved, the story is about the two groups into which each person has been slotted and that’s what’s wrong in Ferguson and by extension, across America.

People are entitled to justice. Innocent people, and that means even criminals before and during a trial where they are innocent until proven guilty, no one should have to be afraid of the police but that falls apart when it comes to police  behavior in the black communities. Some people make mistakes and some people lie but no one should be mis-treated by the police.

DNA was unknown to Jefferson. DNA, the determiner of how the individual brain works. Since everyone is unique, no argument there, everyone has a unique brain and the functioning, the style of the individual brain is over 50% inherited. DNA is not destiny but it affects the individual ability to think. Not the conclusion but the path thru the neural matter and the little clips from many sources that are blended into every thought. Then there are the differences noted and categorized by Charles Murray from group to group that were measured and reported by Murray much to the consternation of some people so the book was routinely condemned, usually by people who had not read it.

It’s just not true that everyone’s brain works the same so equality has a large cloud over it. Some people as a group, careful here, as an individual member of a group do not think as well as others in the group. That’s why it’s wrong to judge individuals as a group but without the judgment of the entire group; the judgment of the common behaviors and the common ideas of the group as a group, can be dangerous. Groups need to be judged as groups because they have a lot of similarities from person to person.

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