It’s almost impossible to judge President Obama’s full presidency, his eight years as President, because it’s not over until January, 2017, 28 months from now. But 83% of his time as President is over now. Based on the number of people who judge his presidency, 44% approve and 56% disapprove. That’s 12% more who disapprove but when the 56% disadvantage is compared to the 44% advantage it’s significant.

President Obama won election against John McCain and 4 years later against Mitt Romney. His approval ratings were 32% compared to 30% who disapproved, a 2% advantage that has been overwhelmed by todays 12% disadvantage. What did he do or what didn’t he do, to lose so many who supported him?

In a word he’s shown he’s a poor leader. He’s a divider. He’s been unable to unite people. He’s high-nosed, and not interested in and probably not able to build bridges and relationships. He’s been unable to lead the leading nations or to develop friendships among the third world nations. He’s failed at both ends of every issue as his actions demonstrated in Ferguson, MO where he didn’t try to create peace, a rather easy objective for a leader.

He has little competence to deal with the issues of the world. He utterly lost Iraq to the West. His IRS has run roughshod over American citizens. His clumsy handling of spying on the telephones of everyone as well as his obviously racial preferences (black) along with his racial rejections (white) illuminate a racial incompetency that was unexpected by people who believed his white mother and black father would be an advantage which turned out to be far worse than a set of simple mistakes. His racial views are hardened against the race of his mother as he wrote in “Dreams of My Father”.

Perhaps the economy will recover fast enough from the economic destruction he’s wrought upon it. Businesses had to leave America and good jobs were lost  because President Obama is incompetent to develop good economic plans.

He admitted today he has no plan to deal with Terrorism. He’s backed off his “Red Line” and his attacking the “Islamic State” in Syria. His Benghazi moment was worse than a failure, it was embarrassing except to him who cannot be embarrassed. His school lunch ideas have caused a backlash from kindergarten students who refuse to eat the food he wanted to force them to eat. Most of the Obama Lunches go into the trash. 

He disdains America. He destroyed the Southern Border thru which come hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants including terrorists and criminals. If Obama’s actions are judged from the perspective that he disdains America they are congruent. Disdain~Obama. He was born here but he never developed a loyalty towards nor a love of America. People know that. His mother had no love for America and his father hated Great Britain and The West. President Obama insulted Great Britain before he finished moving into the White House. He continued to show his disdain by constantly insulting Great Britain, Israel and Europe and he met his match against the puny dictator Putin who strong-armed his way into the Crimea and now Eastern Ukraine.

Europe won’t challenge Putin over Ukraine so Ukraine is not just a problem of Obama’s incompetency but America has usually risen to the challenges of geopolitics, just not this time. In addition, Boko Haram still has the 200 kidnapped young girls, the Muslims continue to murder non-Muslims, Syria festers on, Israel who Obama insulted by making Netanyahu leave the White House by a back door, stands largely alone and Obama has no plans except to continue to hate the West. .

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