Climate Change means no more meat.

How would a completely vegan world happen? Step by step.

In the end, getting rid of animal products as food would mean no more chicken, beef or fish. 100% Vegan.

Methane gas is produced by animals. Lessen the number of animals and presto, global climate change because animal produced methane is lessened. That’s the theory and the science behind it. Pretty simple, eh?

Mother Jones is an authority on extreme vegan diets. “The meat industry is one of the top contributors to climate change, directly and indirectly producing about 14.5 percent of the world’s anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, and global meat consumption is on the rise. People generally like eating meat—when poor people start making more money, they almost invariably start buying more meat. As the population grows and eats more animal products, the consequences for climate change, pollution, and land use could be catastrophic.”

Pretty clear, right? With no animal food 14.5% of all greenhouse gas is eliminated.

These crazy people are crazy serious. In 2009 researchers from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency published projections of the greenhouse gas consequences if humanity came to eat less meat, no meat, or no animal products at all. The researchers predicted universal veganism would reduce agriculture-related carbon emissions by 17 percent, methane emissions by 24 percent, and nitrous oxide emissions by 21 percent by 2050. That’s as serious as another Hillary brain bleed.

What to do? Order another schnapps and schnitzel.

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