George Orwell knew about Big Brother and he wrote a book that was thought to be fiction but has turned out to be far more true than most fiction. Big Brother watches everyone who uses the Internet to make sure they are telling the truth. Big Brother is Obama who has given $1 million to Indiana University to develop their system to spy on everyone who uses the internet. Indiana U. calls it “Truthy” and it’s designed to identify “Political Smears”. (HERE). That’s a violation of the Privacy Protection of the Fourth Amendment.

Government use of “TRUTHY” also violates the free speech protection of the First Amendment but so much of the Constitution has been violated by Obama and his administration that for all practical purposes the Constitution is no longer a barrier for his violation of Individual Rights.

Indiana University is to be condemned for accepting money to develop their spy system but the Federal government should be condemned even more. the Obama Administration has proven itself un-Constitutional in so many different areas of governing that it’s become even more dangerous than the threat of Putin’s Russia which only wants to rule the nations around it.

How has Obama violated the Constitution? Here’s one website that lists 53 of them, with links to more. (HERE). The 52 includes one which is really 23 so the total is 31 plus 22. And Here. There are hundreds of websites that have and continue to list Obama’s Constitutional Violations as well as his lies and the lies of his administration. Even Rachael Maddow knows how awful are the Constitutional violations of President Obama. (HERE).

The use of TRUTHY is to analyze how political speech propagates thru the internet which means collecting the identity of the people who make comments about President Obama’ similar to the NSA under Obama tapping into, listening and collecting phone numbers for all phone calls. (HERE).

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