Coal can have sulfur removed by crushing it then washing it in water. Nitrogen can be eliminated by High Temperature Burning and Staged Combustion. Nitrous Oxide in the exhaust can be highly controlled by Limestone Scrubbers. Particles can be easily eliminated by simply spinning the exhaust gas and letting centrifugal force cause the particles to drop out where they are collected used for other purposes.

Coal burns very clean, almost to the point where the exhaust gasses are harmless. Coal power plants are located close to the mines which keeps transportation costs way down. No long lines of coal cars running on the railroads.  


Car and truck exhaust are so clean that they are no longer a significant source of particles and gas being added to the air. Forest fires are put out so they don’t inject particles and gases into the atmosphere. The air in America has become so clean that solar radiation has increased to the point where it’s over-heating the ground and changing the climate which is part of the reason for more violent weather. .  

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