Posted by BLOWTORCH: – The following represents a set of views from a post received. It’s being posted to show how one person feels. The Neshaminy Federation of Teachers threatened to picket the homes of School Bopard Members. Picketing can be used by both sides. And the teachers  homes here and down the shore as well as their rental properties and the schools can be counter-picketed too, as well as their union meetings, the schools during work hours, the sports venues and the capitol buildings in Harrisburg. Even the Courier Times is subject to counter-picketing for their left handed support of unions in general. I understand the citizens are not organized like the unions but more people are tuning against the greedy and incapable teachers then ever.

 And the school kids might join their parents and grandparents on the picket lines. Parents need to show their children by example how to handle the mobs. There are more parents with children in the schools then there are teachers with children in the unions.

Bad laws, the union enabling laws which preference unions, beget bad practices. The excessive pay and benefits are becoming better known and plenty of people who sat on the sidelines are writing and showing up at the school board meetings and the teacher demonstrations in PA, New Jersey and Wisconsin are proving they are simple crooks at heart.


Unions need thugs to make their demands and the teacher/demonstrators prove it when they use mob rules and bully tactics to force innocent people to give them what they want.


And there are 20 times the number of potential counter-demonstrators, the parents and their children, as there are teacher demonstrators. 

For certain the tide is changing and running more against them every day.

 If the problem is greedy teacher unions it’s wrong somehow to say that there are good teachers. That’s like saying there are good crooks because they take care of their kids, they just steal to do it.

And it seems fundamentally wrong for the laws, that were allegedly made to give unions the power to strike against employers to correct safety and pay issues are being misused to strike against the citizens themselves. Equal treatment should be sufficient to control public sector unions but so far it has not been. Teachers have power over citizens because of bad laws. There is no counter-organization to balance teacher unions. The election of representatives to a school board does not give citizens the equal powers that the unions have over the citizens but the tide is changing.

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