Bucks County Democrat Commissioner Diane Marseglia was quoted in the Courier about an element of the Bucks Republican strategy. She said: “It’s been common practice to not make the public aware of what’s going on. It makes the status quo look like there are no problems, no issues. I think they’ve been hiding things so long, it’s just become standard operating procedure. The solicitor should have caught this and the commissioners should have caught it.”

Marseglia was talking about Bucks County but she could have been talking about Northampton because that’s how things are done in both places. The current Northampton Republican political party leaders, Deon, Komolasky and McGill have gotten fond of secrecy and spying. McGill admitted he goes to Tea Party meetings to spy on the Tea Party members and Komo and Vinny encouraged the Northampton Committee to spy on Jay Russell and me. The May Republican Committee meeting was held in secret. Insiders only were invited and those who were not invited were “asked” to leave. Secrecy. Secret Meetings. Petty Dictators.

 “Not making the public aware” is what a secret meeting is about. Not making the rank and file Republicans aware of what’s going on in secret behind locked doors is the worst kind of political tactic because the public hates to be deceived. They trust the committee to look after their interests so when the public is excluded they know they have been betrayed. The Northampton leaders have deceived the public.


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