Does President Obama support America or not? Too many of his activities diminish America in the eyes of Americas and the eyes of the world.

It’s more than his constant apologies for Amerce; his bowing and scraping in front of other rulers; his agreement with Vladimir Putin over Crimea, that it belongs to Russia instead of opposing the naked takeover by Putin.

Most Democrats think the President wants to re-distribute America’s wealth and he does. But he also wants to redistribute wealth away from America and to the rest of the world. In that way he’s against the best interests of America.

The movie “America” caused the Producer/Director to be arrested for Election Fraud. the law is rather difficult to justify with the Constitution. It actually opposes free expression and so far as Dinesh D’Souza is concerned the President seems to be behind the prosecution of him for collecting money on behalf of Mitt Romney. It’s the Attorney General who was appointed by Obama who is prosecuting D’Souza.

If that sounds Banana Republic to you where dictators are in charge, it’s because it is. the law is counter-intuitive, designed to trap supporters of political opponents and it worked.


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