Maybe Bowe Bergdahl was depressed when he folded his clothes in a neat pile and walked off the military base in Afghanistan five years ago. Maybe his canteen had adult beverages in it. The Taliban reported they found a drunk soldier wandering around so they captured him.

Obama traded five senior Talibanie’s for Bergdhal.

So while were glad to get an American soldier back, he may not be an American anymore. He changed his religion to Islam. He may have disclosed military tactics to the enemy. He may have helped kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. He’s a deserter and a defector. Desertion is bad enough. Defection is fatal, if it’s true and it seems like it is. He will get a military trial unless he’s judged to have defected in which case he may get a criminal trial. 

How tone deaf is the Obama Administration to once again send out Susan Rice of the Five T.V. Talk Show debacle to again show how severe is the disconnect from the truth of President Obama and Susan Rice? She said  Bergdahl “served with honor and distinction”. That’s B-S. She should know that so she’s lying. If she didn’t know it she’s incompetent. If she’s doing it only to protect the President she herself is dishonorable. Either dishonest; incompetent or dishonorable. She’s got no good way out of this. Clueless, she cooked her own goose. Geese, really because she’s done it before.

The Taliban is gloating. They got five senior assassins released in exchange for what? A broken down deserter? A bewildered Defector out of ideas so of no more use to the Tallie’s? A repentant America who made some really bad decisions?

Congress is furious. They promised Impeachment if President Obama runs around them again but they have only bark. They cannot impeach when the President is doing his Commander stick,

Bergdhal is innocent until proven guilty but that’s happened. He’s guilty of at least desertion. That’s based on his own written and spoken words. He didn’t want to be in the American military so he left. That’s desertion.

Maybe there are excuses and contingencies that haven’t been disclosed. Fine. the facts will be revealed and the truth will become known but even if Bergdhal is proven innocent of all charges, the deal stinks.

The Pentagon investigated in 2010, four years ago and concluded Bergdhal had walked out on his unit. He may have defected too, gone over to the other side. Become a Muslim. Helped the Tallies too.

What kind of credibility does the Obama Administration have now? The President has been humiliated by this faux pas.

President Obama traded four really bad guys for an American bad guy.

Forty Eight Hours after Obama celebrated Bergdhal’s release and gave his father the opportunity to speak in the language of the Taliban on National T.V., the chairman of the Joint Chief’s promised to investigate the charge of desertion.

Did Obama ever think to consult with gen. Dempsey BEFORE agreeing to send five senior enemy generals back to the war against America?

How tone deaf has the administration become not only to American’s but to the enemy who’s cheering so loud it can be heard in hell.

This is a great moral victory for America’s satanic enemies and a great moral defeat for America and our international friends. They are on our side. Their support is important. They are involved in this just as every single American so they share the shock at the tone deafness of this very disgraced man.

Can the damage from this be repaired? certainly. America has been built up for over 238 years from the beginning with the magnificent Declaration of Independence. It will take more than the five years of President Obama’s mistakes to being down America.

Meanwhile Osama and Lucifer himself are smiling.



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