The Philadelphia Inquirer reported “Americans For Responsible Solutions” a notorious anti Second Amendment group endorsed Congressman Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick did not seek nor has he agreed to their endorsement. He supported more background checks so it’s not a stretch to hear Giffords anti-gun group endorse Fitzpatrick.

If  Mike accepts her endorsement it would be a sell-out on guns & it would be important because both candidates for the 8th district election in November would officially oppose the Second Amendment. It simultaneously deprives Strouse from using the gun issue against Fitzpatrick because they would both be on the same side.

But wait. Is this a trick of Gabby Giffords to help the Democrat defeat Fitzpatrick by tricking Republicans into opposing Fitzpatrick because he’s against guns?


But Kevin Strouse can trick Fitzpatrick back by coming out in favor of rescinding anti-gun laws. That would leave Fitzpatrick in the strange position of being a Republican who opposes guns and Strouse in favor of them.

Fitzpatrick hasn’t come out in public saying he’s against guns. He “sort of” did when he joined the Democrats push for more restrictions on the mentally ills gun rights.

But sort of is not certain. Either Strouse of Fitzpatrick can use the gun issue or not. It’s up to both of them to be clear where they stand.

Guns are more important than ever with the loss of freedom that has been going on since President Obama took office. Losing freedom and losing guns makes it harder to defend individual rights.

So which is it Congressman? Strengthen or weaken the Second Amendment that means Congress shall make no law against guns?

The very idea is in the words of the Constitution’s Second Amendment that Congress shall make no law that infringes “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms.”

Many people no longer believe Government will protect them. They accept more and more restrictions and less and less freedom because they fear government. They are wise to do that. Government hates guns except for the use by government. Far too many people hate guns too.

The result of more restrictions means the slow undoing of the ability to live free. 

Congressman Fitzpatrick has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Constitution so he should clearly show his support for the Second Amendment and for freedom by making it easier not harder to buy, keep and carry guns.

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