President Obama should have more respect for white Americans. His mother was white so he’s technically half white but race is in the mind of the individual. The situation for Obama is he went with being black. He decided to be black. He decided to marry a black woman. He decided he belongs to the black race. But his genes are different than either a black or a white man even though there is no “Race” gene. Race is determined by such a bewilderingly complex set of DNA combinations that’s it’s not yet determined. But DNA is not destiny.

At least for a President of all the people, it shouldn’t be but, sadly, for President Obama, it is. Take the special case of Race Hustler Reverend Al Sharpton with whom Obama consults regularly inside the White House and other places. Sharptons an Industrial Strength Race Hustler who plays all people with his fuzzy ideas about race, especially about  the black raced people. He charges all whites with being “Racists” but he is very careful never to identify precisely what he considers “Racism”. It seems like it’s some kind of group hatred by white people towards black people but the evidence that white people hate black people is very limited. By now it should be blindingly obvious that hatred because of race is not limited to one race. In fact, the evidence that black people are treated with exquisite sensitivity by white people shows just the opposite of racism.

Reverend Al and President Obama seem to think “Racism” is a unique evil that happens to black people despite Sharpton and Obama getting into places where whites are prohibited. Is racism an exclusive attribute of white people or can black people hate too? No surprise here. Yes, black people hate too but because of the politically correct movement to eliminate free speech the new definition of Racism means it’s now an exclusively white attribute. What’s the word for hatred of white people because they’re white? There is none.

The idea of “Racism” is to make black Americans accept their failures as being caused by others. It’s the racists. It’s the white people. It’s the police. It’s the broken welfare system which doesn’t allow black people to reach their full potential. It’s because white people hate black people which is an extremely flawed premise. White and black people fall in love and marry. there is no actual thing as Racial Hatred. So why does it persist?

Racism persists because a few black people constantly use the idea. Actual race hatred is not a real problem. No one is trying to wipe out blacks or even hurting them. In addition it’s against the law. The race problem in America is the hatred of the white race. The most common manifestation of the hate is the demand for preferential treatment for non-whites at the expense of white people. It’s called Affirmative Action. It’s a way to put non-whites ahead of whites. It’s unconstitutional but politically correct. developing, …..    

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