It’s a last gasp effort to get Trump out of the White House and it proves Mueller is about as evil as he can get. A Nothing-burger, as empty as a political charge can be and Trump will eventually pardon Manafort because there’s nothing there. The very laws that are alleged to have been broken are themselves of doubtful constitutionality. Mueller went way out of his jurisdiction to get something on Manafort. Manafort can easily claim gross over-reach by Mueller and the basis of the indictment a political witch hunt so Manafort’s lawyers should be able to handle this with no negative consequences for the president. . . .
Nor can Mueller prove intent which is a necessary element, Mens Rea, the proof of a criminal intent to break a law. That’s why Mueller himself should be investigated and most likely charged with the crimes he committed.The indictment is for both Manafort and Robert Gates
The laws that Mueller alleges Manafort and Gates violated are so esoteric and confused that almost no one can follow them. The indictment is 31 pages of double spaced small print so it’s not really a big, big deal. Yes, Manafort will have to deal with it but if it goes as most indictments like this would be expected to go it will see no further action during the Trump Presidency. .