American Refineries would have more oil and oil by-products to sell when the Obama Administration and the President himself finally admits the glaringly obvious benefits of more oil to sell.

Ukraine would still have the Crimea if Obama had enough oil, gas and coal to sell to Europe because right now Putin does and Obama doesn’t. Putin’s Pipelines to Europe run thru Ukraine. Putin needs to control his pipelines and he doesn’t like Ukraine.

The glaringly obvious conclusion is Putin want’s to rule over Ukraine so he can control his pipelines. He’s anxious to invade and occupy Ukraine. The Keystone Pipeline would take away from Putin some of the oil market in Western Europe.

If Barak Obama approves the Keystone Pipeline, (he won’t because there are too many American Advantages to the Pipeline and Obama is not in favor of doing things that benefit America), there will be more oil to sell to Europe and Putin will lose those sales. Putin doesn’t like to lose so he’s against the pipeline. 

Putin therefore supports the American Environmentalists because they oppose Keystone.

The environmental damage is in the words of Daryl Hannah “Poison”. She’s against the pipeline. She even objects because the pipe itself is made in India, as though Hannah would support the pipeline if the pipe was American made. She wouldn’t.

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