No one need worry about President Obama’s “Drones 4 Peace” just because they have equipment to intercept private brain waves, i.e., thoughts. No American Citizen need worry that a judge no longer needs to approve a warrant before it’s executed because for decades certain warrants were automatically approved. The Constitution didn’t create a National Police Force. Several Presidents did that when  they approved a National Investigation Force then approved their use of firearms, explosives and other weapons against innocent civilians.

Yes, all Americans are considered Innocent until proven guilty, – or arrested. Innocence must now be triggered by winning a criminal case. No win-No Innocence.

Back to the collection of brain waves. New technology involves the vibrations of the head bones, especially the bones of the inner ears which vibrate as the head vibrates. The head vibrates every time a thought happens. Most people hear and are motivated into action by a voice inside their head hence the collection of these voices can be used to ferret out and prosecute thought crimes. It’s a dream come true for the spy industry.

Thought control is next. Harrison Bergeron explained it decades ago. Think good things or, … well Spoiler Alert. This satire has to end and here it goes.

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