Even worse that the worst American President up to President Obama, (Jimmie Carter), and helped on the worldwide stage of ridicule by “The Clown Prince of America”, Vice – President Joe Biden, PBH Obama continues to embarrass himself and all of America as he lost yet another opportunity to stand up to Vladimir Putin, who has defied the rest of the world and thumbed his nose at the very foundations of civilization. Who expected any less from a KGB guy in the land of Czars.
But it’s worse for PBH Obama who has far more Czars that Russia ever had. Despite one of the biggest collection of phonies, (that would be the people who report to the Executive, last count about 30,000) and a totally subservient media, (everyone on TV except for those on FOX and Rush), PBH Obama got is wrong in Crimea.
America has a direct interest in The Crimea and every nation has an interest in Right and Wrong.

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