One way to help increase the number of jobs, real jobs in the free market, not stop-gap government jobs is to first understand that all government jobs except for police, military and the courts are against the free market.
There are many obstacles to sending government jobs to the free market. The Unions need to increase their abilities to find free-market jobs for their members.
Some lawmakers want to sell the state stores to get the $850 million they seem to be worth but if/when that’s done, the state will still be in the wholesale liquor business. Plus if the state stores are sold as part of getting PA out of the liquor business, they will go down in value as soon as additional free-market liquor stores are created.
Free market stores mean no government involvement. Of course no government in America want’s that so the government control which is the problem to be solved will not be solved by government continuing to license, sell to and regulate liquor and the liquor market.

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