For a Constitutional scholar he knows more about violating the document than enforcing it. Obama is like a Security Guard who keeps looting the bank while claiming he is guarding it.

A database that has the names of innocent law-abiding citizens is what the KGB?GRU kept. Same for Hitlers Gestopo and scores of other tin-horn dictators who need to know where innocent law-abiding people live, work and party. Obama want’s to disarm Americans. Worse than the hateful Patriot Act which violates many rights including the 4th Amendments Right to Privacy. There’s no need for any government agency, Federal, State or Local to keep lists of innocent civilians and especially not a list of gun owners. We saw how easy it was for a newspaper to get the lists of gun-owners with their home addresses so government already has been keeping records which violate both the Second Amendment’s right to Arms and the fourth Amendments Right to Privacy. It also violates the due process part of the Fifth Amendment. How disrespectful of American Law is Obama? Probably every cell in his body is in on the conspiracy.

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